Ragnar Sunset Relay, October 2019

Joined Striders in 2018


About David: I started running consistently around 1991 after moving to northern VA and settling with my family in Springfield.  My first race was a Jungle Bell 10k in DC in 1992.  Since then I’ve done countless running races, triathlons, and bike races, including many of the major events in the area.  Running has been a great activity because it is simple, yet it provides so many positive benefits, both physical and mental.  The DC area is great for runners, and it’s been great to see the local running community remain healthy and bring so many people into this great sport. 


Favorite race experience: Survival of the Shawangunks.  The scenery was spectacular — swimming across beautiful, clear mountain lakes and running on spectacular trails.  I was having so much fun that I almost forgot that I was in a race!


Favorite race medal: Leona Divide.  It’s a small medal, but it came from a big accomplishment: my first 50 miler.


Unaccomplished goals: At this point, I’m probably done doing big events.  Instead, I want to encourage the next generation of runners achieve their goals.