Member at Large - Christina Sciacca

First Marathon - March 2018

Where are you originally from? Northern Virginia

When did you start running? January 2017
Why did you start running? Lose weight, and make friends as I was new to NC
Why do you still run now? I got faster and I really enjoy running
Does your family run? Yes 2 of my brothers run.  One BQ'd at 23, he's 27 now.
Number of races you've run (if you can remember)? Several 5ks, (2) 10-milers, (1) 15K, 1 (8K), (4) half marathons, and (2) marathons
What race(s) are you currently training for? Disney Princess Fairytale Challenge (10K & half marathon - Feb), Napa Half Marathon (March), Cherry blossom 10 miler (April), Parkway classic 10 miler (April), DC Rock N' Roll Half (March) and Shamrock Marathon (March)
What is your favorite type of training run? Any where I feel like I pushed myself and succeeded.
If you could run any race, which one would you choose? Boston Marathon
What is your favorite race? Richmond half marathon, beautiful course & great race
What was your worst race? Medal of Honor 8K, injured my back with the 5 miles of hills then had to take a week off from training
Ever run in a costume? No
Favorite running shoe? Mizzuno or Asics
Favorite running accessory? My Garmin 235 and my old school iPhone XS
Favorite fuel for running? Cliff Bloks or Gu
What time of day do you like to run? during the week evenings, weekends early morning
Hot or cold weather runner? either, my body adapts
Worst weather you've run in? army 10-miler 2017, really in the heat of DMV summers
Running with music: Yes or no? Definitely
Favorite pre-race food (night before)? Pasta
Favorite post-race/run food? eggs & bacon or pancakes
What do you do with all of your medals? they are on a medal board, I need another one.
What's been your most frustrating running related injury? Stress fracture in my left tibia from running my first marathon. took 10-11 weeks to heal before I could run again, and it slowed down my pace.
What is your favorite race distance? Probably the half marathon. You feel like you accomplished something pretty big but without the major physical sacrifice of the full.
What is your biggest running accomplishment? Being able to recover and train for 2nd marathon 7 months after injury.  I was able to finish with no injury or major soreness.
What are your lifetime running goals? Just to keep going, and get faster, stronger, and better.

What's the coolest place you've ever run? this year is the year of destination races, so I am very excited.  Disney, Napa, Savannah & Hawaii are on the list.
If I'm not running, I'm: getting out with friends, reading books on running or other genres, watching movies, shopping, going to concerts, cross training and strength training