Anna and General George Washington at the Patriot Run

Joined Kingstowne Striders: September 2017

About Anna: After completing my first half marathon in 2016 I realized I needed much more motivation to continue running through the cold winter months if I didn't want to restart my training every single spring. Luckily I found the Kingstowne Striders and have been happily running with friends ever since.

Favorite Race Experience: Completing my first-and-only Marathon in 2019 was great, especially since my husband and our 1 year old were waiting for me at the finish line.

Favorite Race Medal: The medal from the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon medal is my favorite because its unreasonable huge, and that race was an absolute hot mess so remembering always makes me laugh.

Unaccomplished Race Goal: I want to run another Marathon in 2021 and a 50K! I'm looking forward to doing more long distance running and stepping my toes into the Ultra Running world.