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As of October 2022


The Big Kahuna. The President is the most visible and involved officer. The President runs the show, makes announcements to the group, does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, organizes events, communicates with the outside community, answers most questions and is the voice for the club, and is the tie-breaking decision maker for the board. The President works with the vice president to set goals and strategically plan the year ahead. The President may delegate their authority to other board members, e.g. community interaction, event leads, etc.



The Little Kahuna. The Vice President is ready to step in if the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties. The Vice President assists the President with daily operations of the club. The Vice President sets the agenda for monthly meetings, keeps track of club members' Race Schedule, etc. The Vice President works with the President to set goals and strategically plan the year ahead.



Protector of the Purse. The Treasurer keeps a record of the club’s finances and accounting and shares this information with the board at monthly meetings. The Treasurer pays the bills (RRCA membership, website fees, activity expenses, etc.), maintains IRS records, and approves expenses.


Pencil Pusher. The Secretary takes minutes at meeting events and makes sure that the paperwork is accurate and complete. The Secretary serves as a backup for the Treasurer. The Secretary and Vice President conduct a yearly audit of the club finances every October.


These voted on positions represent the interests of the membership at Board meetings and may serve on one or more committees. Members at large may be assigned other duties as required. There are typically one to three members at large The number of members at large will vary depending on the size of the club.



The following possible committee chairs are appointed by the executive board:

  • APPAREL - Coordinate one to two apparel or other gear purchase(s) throughout the year.  Gather feedback from the board and club members to procure a desirable product, and handle distribution of the product.
  • MEMBERSHIP - Handle administrative tasks related to club membership, such as maintaining a registration website, providing a link to the registration website to current and new members and on social media, and informing current members when it is time to renew.  Serve as a key point of contact for prospective members and will provide club information to new members after they have joined.  Advertise the club at local running stores, social media, or other venues.  Provide summary membership reports at board meetings or as requested.
  • WALKING PROGRAM - Organize and coordinate walking members for group events, lead walking members on walks.
  • COMMUNICATIONS - Publish a monthly newsletter (collecting content, President’s message, photos, etc.). Create weekly events for club organized runs on Facebook. Share photos to social media platforms.
  • WEBMASTER - The webmaster is responsible for setting up and maintaining the website and keeping the content current based on board feedback and recommendations.  Others as designated by the board may also be able to add or edit specific types of content.

NOTE: All board members, members at large, and committee members may be tasked to assist in areas outside of their purview to meet the needs of the board and club or fill in for absentee roles. Board members will agree on specific tasks not mentioned above in advance.