KIngstowne Striders Club Officer Descriptions



The Big Kahuna. The President is the most visible and viable officer. The  President runs the show,  makes announcements to the group ,does a lot of the behind the scenes work,  organizing events, files paperwork, communicates with the outside community, and answers most questions and is the voice for the club.


Vice President

The Little Kahuna. The Vice President is ready to step in if the President is unable to fulfill his duties. The Vice President assists the President with daily operations of the club. The Vice President sets the agenda for monthly meetings.



Protector of the Purse. The Treasurer keeps a record of the club’s finances and counting. The Treasurer pays the bills and approves expenses.



Pencil Pusher. The Secretary takes minutes at meeting events and makes sure that the paperwork is accurate and complete. The Secretary serves as a backup for the Treasurer. The Secretary and Vice President conduct a yearly audit of the club finances.


Member at Large Positions Members at Large represent the interests of the membership at Board meetings and may serve on one or more committees. Members at large may be assigned other duties as required. There are three at Large members.


Committee Chairpersons: The following committee chairs are appointed by the executive board:



Walking Programs