Striders Stories

Vallerie running in the Newport News One City Marathon and the medal she so richly deserved

Newport News One City Marathon-Valerie

Valerie had problems at mile 18, but she persevered and finished with a 7 minute PR.  Next - a BQ!!

Cory and Alex at the Krispy Kreme Challenge

Krispy Kreme Challenge - Cory

Adventures of Cory and Alex at the Krispy Kreme Challenge

Save the Date!!

The Striders Fall Picnic will be on October 10, 2020


the park next to Belle Haven Marina

After the 8:00 AM run

The current plan is to meet in the Marina Parking Lot for a run into Old Town and gather afterward for a Socially Distanced picnic in the park.

If you are not running that day, please join us at in the park 9:00 AM.

Until she figures out the size of the job she has committed to, Amelia has volunteered to schlep the food from the picnic

from Bread and Water at the Belle View Shopping Center

(We are sure she would appreciate some help.)

Kingstowne Striders Summer 2020 Schedule

Weekend Run

Are posted on Google Sheets

If you can lead a run, please enter your name at

Striders Run Leaders


Thursday Runs Are Also Back!!

Runs will Start at 6:30 PM at Panera in Kingstowne

The KTS 2020 Streak to Restore Sanity is complete.


Congratulations Vince for making it the whole 80 Days!!!

Congratulations Vince on completing the 80 day running streak


Minor characters in this epic were Cory, Bob, and Rob who completed the 40 day challenge.  Rob was overcome with a wave of good sense and stopped at 40 Days.  It's not clear why Cory stopped posting after 48 days.  And, Bob had to take a sick day after day 48 and continued posting a "broken streak" (well most of the time).


Jon P Sean struggled out of the gate, but once he got started, he chipped in 400 miles.


Amelia never got started, but she managed to get to 100 miles.


The complete results are at Alex' Google docs spreadsheet at