Striders Stories


Exploring Heart Rate Training - Amelia


Amelia describes her experiment with low heart rate based training.

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How a Diagnosis Can Turn into Motivation - Mike


A diagnosis that was potentially devastating provided Mike the motivation to "Just Keep Running".

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A Runner's Journey to Coaching - Carmen


Carmen relates the her story of becoming a runner and a coach.

She has some tips for anyone who has aspirations of coaching.

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A Match Made in Heaven - Amanda


The Birth of the Kingstowne Striders and the Fill the Shoes 5k




Vince's completion of the 80-day Streak to Restore Sanity (STRS in Vince's terms) was an impressive accomplishment, but his journey from a being pack-a-day smoker to a runner capable of completing the Army 10 miler at a 10-minute pace is truly amazing.  Vince's experience shows that it is never too late to get healthy.


Way to go Vince!!!!

Relays At The Lake – On January 2 This Year because of Crummy Weather on January 1

(Content stolen from Meg's work on Intervals Newsletter)


Congratulations On This Year’s Awards:


                    2021 Awards    Coach Jim Miller Award For “Striders Spirit”:  Tish

                        President’s Award for Leadership:  Meg







Way To Go Streakers:

A round of applause for our streakers!! Anna (a winner two years in a row!), Mike, Tony, Harvey, Bob and Ralph successfully completed the winter streak.  The winter streak is a 1-mile-a-day challenge from Thanksgiving to New Years day. 

Continue to cheer on those who will continue their streak! Those crazy fools could use your support.


Welcome Aboard New Board of Directors:

President: Valerie - here to be a beacon of light leading our club and continuously surprise us with her speedy feats/feets of strength 
Vice President: Meg - here to support the president with fabulous meeting agendas and misc. things along with being a sparkling ray of sunshine
Treasurer: Amelia - here to manage our funds along with providing guidance and wisdom from the ancient Strider days
Secretary: Alex - here to document our pearls of wisdom and great plans during meetings along with entertaining us with his witty commentary
At-Large Members: Anna, Mike, Stephen - represent the many members not able to attend meetings and provide their charm and liveliness to all events

We are here to serve our members.  Any questions or ideas for how to make the club better?  Just reach out to a board member or feel free to join us in a board meeting, which are open to all members.  The next board meeting is early February.


Looking forward to some great running in 2021.


Kingstowne Striders Fall 2020 Schedule

Weekend Run

Are posted on Google Sheets

If you can lead a run, please enter your name at

Striders Run Leaders


Thursday Runs Are Also Back!!

Runs will Start at 6:30 PM at Panera in Kingstowne

The KTS 2020 Streak to Restore Sanity is complete.


Congratulations Vince for making it the whole 80 Days!!!

Congratulations Vince on completing the 80 day running streak


Minor characters in this epic were Cory, Bob, and Rob who completed the 40 day challenge.  Rob was overcome with a wave of good sense and stopped at 40 Days.  It's not clear why Cory stopped posting after 48 days.  And, Bob had to take a sick day after day 48 and continued posting a "broken streak" (well most of the time).


Jon P Sean struggled out of the gate, but once he got started, he chipped in 400 miles.


Amelia never got started, but she managed to get to 100 miles.


The complete results are at Alex' Google docs spreadsheet at