Kingstowne Striders Running Club in Alexandria VA

Torch Tuesdays at Honest Soul Yoga - 6:30PM
Group Run from Honest Soul Yoga Flagship Location (Alexandria/Landsdowne)

Click here for the map!

Starting on 1/8/19 we will do hill workouts on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month on the nearby Telegraph hill!

Torch Tuesdays at HSY


Torch Thursdays at Panera Kingstowne - 6:30PM
Group Run from Kingstowne Panera

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Thursday Torch Run 11/8/18

Remember you headlamp and reflective vests as the days get shorter! 3 and 5 mile options available at both runs!


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25 RUN TBD - please email if you'd like to host


2019 Weekend Runs

Weekend runs start promptly at 8:00 AM
Please click on the link/PDF for exact meeting place details.

For Run Leaders click here.

Our Facebook Group is a great place to RSVP and discuss distance & pace (paid member only platform)

January - April


Saturday, January 12 Edison HS Sunday, January 13 Belle View Mt Vernon Trail
Saturday, January 19 Hayfield Sunday, January 20 Kingstowne Panera
Saturday, January 26 Kingstowne Striders 10th Birthday Run
@ Kingstowne Panera
Sunday, January 27 Burke Lake Laps
Saturday, February 02 Grounded Sunday, February 03 Clermont Elementary to Old Town
Saturday, February 9 Edison HS Sunday, February 10 Belle View Mt Vernon Trail
Saturday, February 16 Hayfield Sunday, February 17 Kingstowne Panera
Saturday, February 23 Gunston/Meadowood Sunday, February 24 Wakefield/Accotink
Saturday, March 2 Grounded Sunday, March 3 Clermont Elementary to Old Town
Saturday, March 9 Edison HS Sunday, March 10 Belle View Mt Vernon Trail
Saturday, March 16 Hayfield Sunday, March 17 Kingstowne Panera
Saturday, March 23 Manchester Lakes Sunday, March 24 Burke Lake Laps
Saturday, March 30 Grounded Sunday, March 31 Clermont Elementary to Old Town
Saturday, April 6 Edison HS Sunday, April 7 Belle View Mt Vernon Trail
Saturday, April 13 Hayfield Sunday, April 14 Kingstowne Panera
Saturday, April 20 Fountainhead Sunday, April 21 Wakefield/Accotink
Runners from the Saturday Mt Vernon Trail run.

Latest News

February 2019 Board Meeting

The first board meeting of 2019 will be at Cory Will's house on February 13, 2019 at 6:30pm. Pizza will be supplied! :) 

Please email if you wish to attend and Emily will give you the address.