Track Tuesday

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Kingstowne Striders Track Workouts

The 2016 track workout season returns on Tuesday, May 30, 2017!

Every Tuesday during the summer (June 2 - September 5, 2017) meet us at Edison High School (5801 Franconia Rd) at 6:30 PM for a track workout.

Don't be frightened by the word "Track"! These workouts focus on aspects that are usually ignored by most runners but make a huge difference, regardless of your current speed or ability. We work on elements of running such as cadence, form, power, efficiency, focus, and the mental aspects of running through drills, strength work, and focused, shorter, but faster running.

Track Workouts are open to all current members of the Kingstowne Striders, are inclusive to all speeds, beginners and casual run/walkers, and have just enough variety to keep it fun. And if you can't make it every week, we understand; the workouts are flexible enough for the occasional summer break. This is one of the few events running event that requires a paid Striders membership for liability reasons and to cover the cost of the professional coach and our permit for use of the Fairfax County Edison High School track. However, you can try one Track Workout session for free.

>>What do I wear and bring to track? 
Proper "wicking" running attire, hat, headband, shoes (not too worn), Running/GPS stop watch (to track time) water, towel and a smile! Please check weather and make sure to hydrate the night before and day of with 8 oz of water every 2 hrs. 

>>Can I walk/run on the track?
Yes but make sure you use the slower/outer lanes.

>>Can I wear an iPod or other device?
I suggest you don't but if you must, make sure that you can hear someone behind you. I prefer you focus your mind on working and breathing. It makes you mentally stronger.