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Report from RRCA National Convention

Submitted by kingstowne on Mon, 04/09/2018 - 18:06

Friday update:
The first 9am session was just one option called Insurance and Risk Management for Clubs and Events.
One of the main reasons Kingstowne Striders is not a free club and charges dues is because we participate in the RRCA insurance program. While we were founded less than 10 years ago I learned on Friday that the program overall has had a less than a 10% rate increase in past 15-20 years. Our Fairfax County Public School additional insured certificate for our track workouts is one of 11,000 additional insured certificates they issue nationwide every year! “Having insurance allows you to take care of people immediately... and doesn’t give them time to think about suing.” Some of the claim stories presented were quite shocking!
Did you know? In 1990 there were around 400 RRCA Clubs, today there are over 1,000!
At 10:45 AM I chose one of four topics, Running Does Not Cause Injuries! He went over some of the interesting facts about our feet and shoes and how *not running* causes injuries. He had some great slides on distance runners after hip and knee replacements (they recovered from surgery faster by running more with proper form) and how quickly a child’s feet can deform in a non-anatomically correct pair of shoes. Also I’ll be using one of his military drills at our first track workout ? He runs Two Rivers Treads (Ranson, WV) only 90 min away!
Meb Keflizighi at lunch was inspirational, I never knew his full story! “Run to win, and remember winning not about finishing first, it’s about running your best.” After lunch I opted out of the long line for a picture with Meb (Good decision? Bad decision?) and stood in a short line for a foot scan with the no injury speaker. Scan showed what my Garmin says that I am heavier on my right foot and further back (no toe pressure on my scan.) I’ve never had one done so it was educational to see!
Friday 2:15PM (yep long day) I sat in on Lessons Learned from the Racing Social Revolution presented by Ragnar - it mostly spoke on word of mouth and retelling of stories versus online marketing, over posting on social media and hard statistics. Ragnar has a monetary grant for RRCA running clubs telling the most inspirational story so we have a project!
I also sat in on an impromptu meeting amongst Virginia RRCA Clubs and made a few friends with Richmond.
...end of a full day one. I mingled with a few people in downtown DC at the National Building Museum and also got to wander all of the vendors set up for the Cherry Blossom packet pick up. I then headed home to get a decent nights sleep before a long day two.

attending 60th RRCA National Convention at DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC - Crystal City.