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2017 Kingstowne Striders Board Members

President@KingstowneStriders.org - Amanda Williams

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2016

About Amanda: Having studied geography and marine science at JMU and UNCW, respectively, Amanda has had a career in coral reef research and education, Navy Energy project management, and electronic navigational chart creation. She currently supports the Federal government as a maritime boundary geographer. Amanda began running in elementary school to avoid boredom by running laps around her parents house, but r

an cross country and track throughout high school, which culminated with acting as the women's Cross Country Captain at West Potomac High School in Alexandria, VA her senior year. Though she chose to be in the drumline in college, Amanda continued to race 5Ks, then 10Ks, then many half-marathons and eventually her first (and only, so far) marathon in 2012: the Harrisburg Marathon. Amanda has also co-captained 3 DC Ragnar Relay teams (Mountain Crushers and the Ragnarly, Dudes!). From 2009-2013, Amanda served as the Vice President for the Northern VA Running Club and still maintains friendships with her former club, but wanted to try the Kingstowne Striders since they are closer to home. Her current running is mostly for triathlons. She completed 7 sprint tri's in 2016, leading her to win her Age Group in the Virginia-Maryland Super Sprint Series. 

Favorite Race Experience: Running the Heritage Half Marathon in 2011 on a whim when a long time [rival] running buddy had beaten my PR, so I made sure he couldn't beat it again by shaving 15 MINUTES off my time, running a 1:41:33 (good enough for 3rd AG).

Favorite Race Medal: DC Ragnar Relay medals

Unaccomplished Race Goal: Completing a Half Ironman

VicePresident@KingstowneStriders.org - Alex Lord

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2013

About Alex: Alex is a government contractor. It is a boring thing to be. He began running in high school and ran his first half marathon in 2009. He's a DC metro local, growing up in Maryland then moving to Virginia in 2007. When not running he's usually drinking beer and eating fried food.

Favorite Race Experience: First sub-2 hour half marathon at in the 2011 Suntrust National Half.

Favorite Race Medal: 2013 Crawlin Crab Half Marathon

Unaccomplished Race Goal: (1) First Ragnar in 2015, (2) Taking a good shot at a marathon

Secretary@KingstowneStriders.org - Lia Poynor

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2015

About Lia: Lia is a Physical Therapist at Sibley Memorial Hospital. She loves running and competing in triathlons!

Favorite Race Experience:  Completing my half ironman (with 2 of my friends running the last 6 miles with me to the finish!)

Favorite Race Medal: Charleston Triathlon Series coffee mugs 

Unaccomplished Race Goal: Complete an Ironman

Treasurer@KingstowneStriders.org - Amelia Baldree-Nichols

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2013

About Amelia: After working in the thoroughbred racing industry for a decade, Amelia is now an office manager for a government contractor in Arlington. She began running in 2007-ish (...and down the stretch they come!) and has since completed two full marathons, five triathlons (two Olympics) and numerous half marathons. She moved to DC in 2011 and then to Alexandria in 2013 where she joined the Kingstowne Striders.

Favorite Race Experience: Knocking almost a half hour off my previous marathon time at the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon.

Favorite Race Medal: All my DC Ragnar medals (six and counting).

Unaccomplished Race Goal: Completing a Half Ironman or actually running the real Beat the Blerch marathon.

2016 Kingstowne Striders Community Board Members

Communications Chair: Chuck

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2012

About Chuck: I’ve lived in Alexandria since 1998. I’ve run most of my life. I ran cross country in high school and college. Between my late 20s and early 30s, I had a job that was time consuming and I got away from running and exercise in general. With my weight creeping up, in 2009 I decided I needed to get back into shape and embrace a healthier lifestyle. In the last six years I’ve run five half marathons and nine 10 mile races. Having the structure of a running club with set runs helps me to stay fit and active.

Favorite Race Experience: Breaking 65 minutes for the first time in a ten mile race (2014 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run).

Favorite Race Medal: The medal I got from the Toronto GoodLife Half Marathon in 2012. With a red maple leaf on front, it’s the most unique (and largest) medal I have.

Unaccomplished Race Goal: Qualifying for Boston.

Membership Chair: Ralph Sandfry

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2012

About Ralph:  I retired from the Air Force at the end of 2013 after twenty-five years and still work for the DoD in Arlington.  Like a lot of folks, I was looking for a group to share running experiences (and to drink coffee with after runs).  I started running regularly in 2009 after finally deciding to get in better shape.  I was motivated to run a marathon, but quickly realized that it wasn’t a six month endeavor.  I ran Marine Corps Marathon 18 months later in 2010 and joined the Striders before running MCM again in 2012.  I’ve gone on to run a total of five marathons, most recently the 2016 Disney Marathon as part of the Dopey Challenge.  

Favorite Race Experience:  Setting Marathon PR, 2013 MCM (3:56:56)

Favorite Race Medal:  Dopey Challenge

Unaccomplished Race Goal:  Breaking 80 minutes in a 10-miler
*In 2016 Ralph hit his 10 mile goal time with a PR in three straight races!

Fill the Shoes Race Director: Amanda Farrar

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2009

About Amanda: Amanda is an Alexandria/Kingstowne native, attended Va Tech, and currently works at a print company in Falls Church. She started running around 1997. So far she has completed one sprint triathlon, one half marathon, and one full marathon, plus countless 10 milers and shorter distances. Despite nagging injuries, she hopes to complete more triathlons.

Favorite Race Experience: Completing that marathon

Favorite Race Medal: Marine Corps Marathon 2012

Unaccomplished Race Goal: IronMan Triathlon

Apparel: Marc Goldstrom
2016 Kingstowne Striders At-Large Members

Robert Gold

Bob Havey

About Bob:  Relatively new to running, Bob has been retired from the Department of Defense for longer than he wants to remember.   Out of shape nearly to the point of falling apart, he started walking somewhere around 2008 and working out in 2010.  35 pounds or so lighter Bob started running in 2012 with a 5k on the coldest day of the year.  Undeterred, he continued to run.  Running back with the stragglers, he has completed 6 half marathons, as many 10 milers, and a whole lot of 5Ks and 10Ks.  He was steadily if not quickly improving, but injuries over the last few years have slowed his progress.

Favorite race experience:  Completing the Navy/Air Force Half Marathon in 2013.

Favorite Race Medal:  The picture (above) with my niece after she completed her first 5k.

Unaccomplished race goal:  Sub-40 minute 5k.

Janet McHale

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2015

About Janet: I started running in 2005 as a way to stay in shape and join my roommate as she decided to sign up for her first 5K. I have enjoyed both the fitness and social aspects of running ever since! I have done several 5Ks, a handful of 10Ks and 10-milers, and 6 half marathons, as well as 3 sprint triathlons and one run/swim biathlon.

Favorite Race Experience: finally getting under 2 hours at the 2015 DC Rock’n’Roll Half

Favorite Race Medal: the trophy I got at the biathlon – it reminds me how I conquered my fear to swim in the ocean that day

Unaccomplished Race Goal: something longer than a half marathon, or an adventure run

Interested in attending one of our board meetings and being more involved in Kingstowne Striders? Let us know at President@KingstowneStriders.org