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Kingstowne Striders Past Events: 2011

Founded in 2009, we've done some pretty cool stuff in 8 years!
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Bright and early in 2011 we "RUNg" in the New Year at Kingstowne Lake with our New Year's Day Relay!
Striders at the 2011 New Year's Day Relay!
In 2011 we also held our first Strider Movie Night for "Hood to Coast!" We also held our first Strider Fest in March! Strider Fest 2011 was a non-competitive fitness event designed to enable runners and walkers of all abilities to connect, exercise, and have fun together at Burke Lake Park. It was included in membership, or Striders could sign up day-of to participate and become a member at the same time!
In May we also held the Weight Watchers® Walk-It Day 5K. Track workouts continued into their third year at Edison High School and in early June we participated in our second Springfield 15K/5K.
In July we held an annual membership meeting and cook-out (and run, of course) at Brookfield Park in Springfield.
By September/October we had added impromptu Tuesday and Thursday runs to our group run calendar.
2nd Fill the Shoes!
The Kris Kringle puts the Jingle into Christmas Caroling run
Our plan is to have a small group start out John and Deb's house who will run to the next house, sing a carol have a host provided refreshment, then the current host joins the run and the now large group runs to the next house where we sing have a refreshment grow the group and run to the next house. We will repeat that until we have gone to everyone's house. We'll end up back at John and Deb's. Depending on how many folks we get will depend on the distance but right now it is looking like the longest run will be around 10-12 miles, the last house will run more like 2-3 miles.