Membership Chair - Ralph Sandfry

Ralph after completing the 2016 Disney Marathon

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2012

About Ralph:  I retired from the Air Force at the end of 2013 after twenty-five years and still work for the DoD in Arlington.  Like a lot of folks, I was looking for a group to share running experiences (and to drink coffee with after runs).  I started running regularly in 2009 after finally deciding to get in better shape.  I was motivated to run a marathon, but quickly realized that it wasn’t a six month endeavor.  I ran Marine Corps Marathon 18 months later in 2010 and joined the Striders before running MCM again in 2012.  I’ve gone on to run a total of five marathons, most recently the 2016 Disney Marathon as part of the Dopey Challenge.  

Favorite Race Experience:  Setting Marathon PR, 2013 MCM (3:56:56)

Favorite Race Medal:  Dopey Challenge

Unaccomplished Race Goal:  Breaking 80 minutes in a 10-miler