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Kingstowne Striders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to join to run with the club? You don't need to be a member to try our club runs. Come out on any scheduled training run and see if you like it. You can join later using our easy online membership options. 

I'll be visiting the Southern Fairfax County Area, will it cost me anything to run with your club during my visit? No. You're welcome to join us as a visiting runner at no cost! 

I just started running (or restarted) and have never gone more than 3 miles. Do you have any scheduled runs for beginning runners? Yes. We have regularly scheduled 3, 5, 6, and 10 mile runs. All run/walk courses come with detailed directions and a map, available on-line, so you can choose to go the distance or customize the course to suit your personal goals. Runners/walkers of all levels are welcome!

Will everyone be faster than me? Probably not! We have runners and walkers at all paces. You're certain to find someone who matches your speed. 

Should I wear any special gear to run with your club? Wear comfortable running clothes appropriate to the weather. No special uniforms required! 

Do you cancel scheduled runs when the weather's bad? Absolutely not! We run regardless of the weather conditions. Sometimes we reroute winter runs to avoid icy conditions, check the web site schedule and Facebook for updates. Note: we will NOT run in a thunder or lightning storm.

Do you have water stops on your runs or should I bring my own water? We have a water/sport drink stop during the warmer months on our Sunday long runs, two if it is going to be really hot. Many runners choose to bring their own water and, for longer runs (marathon training time), food. 

I'm a walker and have no interest in becoming a runner. Do you have any programs specifically geared to walkers? Are there many walkers in your club? Yes. We have walkers who range in interest from fitness to race walking. We have walks on Saturdays and Sundays that begin and end at the same location as the run course. Saturday walks are about 3 miles; most people walk 6-8 miles on Sunday. Some of our walkers choose to walk the same course as the runners, modifying the distance to suit their needs. We are always working to expand our club to meet the needs of walkers.

I see that the Kingstwone Striders are a 501c3 organization. Is my membership tax deductible? You should always consult a tax specialist for questions of this nature. While your membership is not tax deductible, (you receive some value in the membership) you may also donate to the Striders. Donations may be tax deductible, but as we said, consult with a tax specialist to be sure. Contact Us if you are interested in making a donation.