Three and Five Mile Course ok its really probalby more like 6 but you can turn around whenever you want :)

South Kings Highway (up the hill)
Right on Lantern Pl
Left on Hardrock Rd
Right on Flintsone Rd
Right on Vantage Dr.
Left on Rollng Stone Way
Right on Bedrock Rd (you will run through the car road block)
Right on Harrison Ln (three milers turn around here) and into the Huntley Meadows park entrance.
At the Visitors Center take the Heron Trail to the Boardwalk.  Pass the tower (keeping Tower on your Left)
Take Deer Trail (slight right?)
Right on Cedar Trail
Right on the Main trail (Heron)
Once back at the visitors Center, take road out of Park
Left on Harrison Ln
Left on Bedrock Rd
Left on Rolling Stone Way
Right on Vantage Dr
Left on flintstone Rd
Right on Hardrock Rd
Left on Lantern Pl
Left on South Kings Highway.

5 mile map