Ten Mile Course
( info on 6 and 8 miles as well)
East On Kingstowne Village Pkwy (KVP).
Right on Ianís way
Right on Barclay
Right on King Center Drive
Cross Van Dorn and continue on Greendale Village Dr.
Right on Horgan Ct; take powerline trail
Continue on path to the top of the hill and take path to the left between the townhouses
Right on Belleycastle Cir.
Continue on (slight right) onto Castlewellen Dr.
Cross Van Dorn and continue on Lake Village Dr.
Left Grange Ln (into apartemnt complex that borders the lake)
at "T" go straight to path at lake and take it to the left
Keeping lake on your right continue on over two bridges and take path to sidewalk along Kingstowne Village Pkwy (Hot weather water stop in Gazebo).
Right onto Kingstowne Blvd/Manchester Blvd
Left onto Hayfield RD and then Right on Path under power lines.
Continue on path across Kingstowne Commons Dr.
For 6 mile course Turn left on  Kingstowne Commons Dr., left on Park Village Dr and left on Kingstowne Village Pkwy back to pool
For 8 miles Turn Right on path before KVP and go straight Gayfields, left on Beulah, Left on KVP and return to pool
At end of power line trail turn right on KVP (Hot weather water stop).
Cross Beulah St. and continue on Morning View Lane.
Left on View Lane
Left on Beulah St.
Right on Kingstowne Blvd (Hot weather water stop)
Left on Taliaferro Way, bear right and return to Kingstowne Village Pkwy and Turn left
At top of hill cross Kingstowne Village Pkwy  and take natural trail.
Left at "T" in trail.
Right on Ashby Lane
Right on Kingstowne Village Pkwy  and return to pool




10 mile map