Directions to run start:
Park at Panera Parking lot in Kingstowne center
Course directions (8 and 10 mile routes):
Turn right at Kingstowne Blvd
Continue onto Manchester Blvd
Turn right at Beulah St
Turn right at Burnett St
Turn left at Joyce Rd
Turn right at Clames Dr
Turn left at Higham Dr
Turn right at Franconia Rd (cross over to north side of rd when safe)
Turn left at Cannon Ln (8 mile route - turn around and head back to Van Dorn St)
Turn right at Lofthill Ct
Follow Sidewalk to the right of town homes and take path
(path continues around to the back of the town homes and through woods)
Turn Left on ridge View Lane
Cross over Franconia Rd.
Turn right at Javins Dr
Turn right at Picot Rd
Turn left at Craft Rd
Turn right at Eaton Pl (this will be the second time you see the sign for Eaton)
Turn left at Leewood Dr
Turn right at Rose Hill Dr
Turn left at Franconia Rd
Turn left at S Van Dorn St
Turn right at Kingstowne Village Pkwy
Turn right at Kingstowne Center


10 mile map