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2017 Kingstowne Striders Board Members

President@KingstowneStriders.org - Amanda W.
VicePresident@KingstowneStriders.org - Alex
Secretary@KingstowneStriders.org - Rachel
Treasurer@KingstowneStriders.org - Amelia

2017 Kingstowne Striders Community Board Members

Communications Chair: Chuck | Apparel Chair: Marc

Membership@KingstowneStriders.org | Membership Chair: Ralph

FilltheShoes5K@KingstowneStriders.org | Fill the Shoes Race Director: Amanda F.

2017 Kingstowne Striders At-Large Members

Robert, Bob, and Janet

Interested in attending one of our board meetings and being more involved in Kingstowne Striders? Let us know! President@KingstowneStriders.org

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#tbt to our "Traveling Hat" series:

Amelia wearing the Hat at Machu Picchu, Peru!

Amanda wearing the Hat in Kathmandu, at the Taj Mahal and Tibet!

Antonio wearing the Hat in Madrid!

Carmen brings the hat to Captiva Island FL (or did the hat bring Carmen?)

Suzanne takes the Hat to Guatemala and Costa Rica!

Founder and former President Kevin takes the Hat to St. Croix!

John takes the Hat to the London Olympics!

James wearing the Hat in Mumbai and Hong Kong!

Sarah wearing the Hat in Scotland!

Karen and Andre take the Hat to St. Lucia!

Sandy wearing the Hat in the Netherlands!